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December 17, 2012 - Press Release

Wyoming Supreme Court rules in favor of Pioneer Wind Park to uphold ISC and Converse County permits
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Q: When will construction begin?

A: The Pioneer Wind Park projects are currently gearing up to begin engineering and construction of Mormon Canyon Road, which will be used to access the project site. Engineering will begin in August and construction will follow shortly thereafter.

A Letter from Wasatch Wind

More than eight years ago I founded Wasatch Wind in order to make a far-reaching and lasting positive contribution towards energy independence by generating clean, renewable energy. I also believed then, and continue to strongly believe, that a push towards renewable energy is a necessary contributor to sustaining our future, our grandchildren's future, and our democracy.

I quickly realized that wind energy development is not just about clean air, clean water and unlimited energy - it's about stimulating rural economies and making a difference in the lives of rural landowners and rural communities. It's these positive human impacts - like new jobs, new tax revenues, the ability to update county facilities, money for schools and opportunities for local landowners - that are the most rewarding aspects of working in the wind energy industry.

Estimates (according to current WY law) for the Pioneer Wind Park projects indicate that more than $14 million in tax revenue will be generated for Converse County, the State of Wyoming and Wyoming's schools over 20 years.  Concurrent with these benefits, land uses like ranching and hunting can continue while clean energy is being generated to meet the growing demands of the West.

My team and I are very excited to work with Converse County and the surrounding areas  to ensure that we can make a substantial positive contribution in your community. We look forward to keeping you apprised of our progress and welcome your feedback.

Warm Regards,
Tracy Livingston
CEO and Founder, Wasatch Wind